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Welcome to the companion website for the 2002 Knit Hat Show!
The show is being held in Brooklyn, NY, at RedLipstick Boutique October 19 - 27. (Come see our Opening Reception Pictures.)

The show consists of two parts, a Contest, with original entries from far flung locales, and an Exhibit of the knit hats RedLipstick Boutique specializes in. Everything in both sections is one-of-a-kind.

The theme of the Contest was to showcase the enormous range of knitting talent and ideas of people also on the web, the Call for Entries was digital only.

Judges for the Contest section this year were:

1}  Staceyjoy Elkin,
Owner of Redlipstick and knitwear designer,
2}  Ranjit Bhatnager,
an artist, poultry connoisseur, and programmer extraordinaire, and
3}  John Szinger,
a man of many disparate and beautiful talents juxtaposed into one tall drink of water.

The Hat Show People's Choice voting has been closed and the final results have been tallied. You can see the results here.

Enjoy perusing the hats, and if you are inspired, start working on your entry for the 2003 Knit Hat Show!

Happy Knitting!


October 19, 2002

2002 Knit Hat Show is sponsored in part by these great companies:
Karabella Yarns & Jaggerspun Yarns