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A new blog will appear towards the end of April, peeps...in the meantime, please join me on Facebook for the lastest news about the shop..xxx, Staceyjoy

4.09.2001: that's the date of the very first post of this blog, and today is the last. In it's current form, it is being retired today! It's been an incredible and highly varied learning experience, and I may start another one at some point in the future. Right now, I want to focus on creative projects. Then redesign this entire site this summer.

I will be posting photographs on Flickr regularly, and am on Ravelry as well... Thanks for the many kind, funny and intelligent comments and connections over the years!

For those of you who sew, you're going LOVE this: Weekend Designer.

The incredible Rahm Emanuel on Charlie Rose...this former ballet dancer is as close to perfection as a man as you can possibly get...sigh...dreamy!

Very successful day, mellow even. I ordered a new line of hand printed on 100% cotton shorts, skirts and dresses made by ladies in South Africa, they're gorgeous and very affordable. Hand painted matryoshka {nesting dolls} from Russia...I had one when I was a little girl, loved it. Got about 9 different designs and sizes. Patchouli scent stick form Paris. Organic beeswax lip balm from Georgia, both tinted and non. Lots more. A good day. Ended it waiting for dol sot Bi Bim Bop on 32nd st:
waiting for dol sot bi bim bop

Looking forward to Chinese food tonight with friends, in honor of Year of the Ox. All day tomorrow at a huge trade show, buying interesting and sweet smelling things for the shop. A lovely way to spend two days off!

I've started digitally archiving Pulsallamas old press releases, before they turn to dust, and am joined in this effort so far by my former bandmates April and Min, and hopefully Jean soon. We started a fan page on Facebook here for all you interested in late 20th century all girl percussion bands. Not much up there yet, but we are working on it...

I have been a knitwear designer for a very, very long time, as evidenced by this shot from Paper magazine in 1985. This was a collaborative effort with artist Kenny Scharf. You can enlarge it on FLickr:
my knits in Paper in '85CU
I wonder what happened to those sweaters? I still have the punch card patterns, perhaps I should re-issue them..they were extremely labor intensive, though.

A quick shot of the Esther Helmet, this will be the next RedLipstick Knitting Pattern released:
Esther Helmet frontCU

There are three more shots on Flickr from different angles. Super-warm, and a fun knit.

I've knit three chin-strapped helmets so far, they are basically cat hats without ears, put them in the window of the shop intending to shoot them tomorrow when there's daylight...and someone bought them within 15 minutes. I guess the pattern is a hit. :-D Working on number 4, but it's a variegated yarn, and the shaping work is not so visible. Hope to shoot one in daylight sometime soon. A light, solid color is next so I can shoot the stitches. It's colder than a witches tit again. Glad I rode in today on my bike. Not properly dressed for extreme biking cold. sigh.

Well, due to some friends moving to Berlin soon that I want to stay in touch with, I gave in and joined Facebook. And now, dear old friends I lost touch with years ago are now finding me!!! Incredible.

UPDATE: I appreciate very much the kind notes I have received here in the comments {not published} wanting to friend me on Facebook. Please don't be offended, but I am only friending people I know or have known in "real" life, not internet friends. That's what Flickr is for. :-> thank you all very much. Feel free to link to me on Flickr, if you are so inclined. I update that more than this blog, usually, anyway. xxx, staceyjoy

Kitty is actually curled up IN MY LAP, watching the inauguration. This is a new thing. Took her 8 years to figure out cuddling is nice. Penny is trying very hard to ignore the fact Kitty has the best seat in the house. Jealous! She won't look over at all. :-D
lap full of kitty...CU