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One word: HORSEHAIR! Braided and hitched, fab. Working with a supplier to bring it to the East coast, and make it fashionable. It's an amazing fiber, cut from the horse's tail, non-destructive, and extremely durable. Other than that, my sweaters have grown short sleeves, moving into fall. Does anyone else have fun this way? Am I the only one looking on my knitted output as an organic whole, not only separate pieces? I view it as a stop-mo animation, watching the sleeves shorten and disappear, then slowly grow out again, the fibers going from matte, heavy and hairy to slick and thin and silky, and back. Should do an actual animation like this. We're planning space in the new house for stop-mo. After we install a whole new %^&^$^%$#$ roof!!! Damn it! Got tricked by the soon-to-be-former owners re: the condition of the roof. Looked us right in the eye numerous times and said the roof was in excellent condition. Why bother lying? Every house has it's warts, especially the old ones. This was built in 1901. Roof is cracked all over, discovered by M after he insisted he climb up and see it. *sigh* Spending time packing and throwing out.

Working on knitted dresses in a mixture of 7g, 3.5g and crochet. In the window of the store right now is an all 7g cream pima cotton dress made like this: Waste yarn cast on double bed, 61/60 stchs, then in real yarn knit 1x1 rib for 40 rows, then bodice in pattern of your choice. Bodice needs about 190 rows total. Knit a front and back like this. These are starting from the waistline or thereabouts, and knitting up. After these pieces are done REHANG each (one at a time, of course, picking up the open stitches next to the waste yarn) on the main bed, and now knitting down, you'll make the skirt section, increasing 1 stitch each side every 4 rows 14 times. Full fashion increase 9 sts. from the edge fits well. Pick up a loop from a neighboring stitch and fill in the resulting eyelet. I've done a lace pattern starting around R110, and ending around R200. This makes a shaped dress, with side seams, about a size 4-6, depending on your yarn and tension. Fun to make. I've been using the "wife-beater" tank top bodice, and crocheting straps. Now working on one where the bodice is knit the same way, 7g, but in the open stitches next to the waste yarn, I'm crocheting 5 st. loops into each one, (boring and takes a long time at that gauge), then hanging those loops onto a bulky machine, and knitting the skirt section in a much larger gauge in raw silk, different color. When your rehang the loops on the bulky, you can cross them for a cable effect. Nice. Need to crochet some edging around the bottom of the skirt to keep it from curling, so you might as well use a lacey pattern. You can see the possibilities are endless, and I've just started with this theme. Can't wait to use wools for fall!

My excellent sweetheart gave me earplugs! Very Sexy! After 3 nights sleeping with the yellow smushy things crammed in my head (Oh, sweet silence, sssooooo nice), I'm beginning to be able to think straight again. I can feel the knitting think starting to wake up. It pays in unexpected ways to live with a musician.

Oh man, since landlords built a tacky fake pond a few months ago with permanantly running water right outside our bedroom window, I haven't been able to sleep. Now getting seriously sleep deprived, and feel like crying all day. Have to sleep with the dog on the couch in the living room after tossing till 3 am last few nights. Boring personal problem, for sure, but the result is that my eyes are too tired during the day to focus on or even think of knitting. This BLOWS. Moving in 3 weeks, and I can't get out of here fast enough. How can anyone think the sound of a faucet running all night is cool? Fill in multiple UPPERCASE expletives here___________________________.

Knitting 7g "wife-beater" varied rib tank tops in mercerized cotton, silk and linen mixes in dark sherbet colors. They have transferred lace patterns on the front, and eyelet designs on the back. Selling very well. Now have my first employee to help out on Sundays, the fabulous Faitha! I gave her a knitting lesson today. It's very hard to relinquish control of the store, and I'm still wrestling with it, but her enthusiasm and stylin' attitude in general are making it easier.