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As promised, Crocheted Cloche (AKA "Bucket") Hat pattern, women's size Medium:

One size K (us size?) crochet hook. I'm using a combination of 3 to 6 thin yarns, the resulting stitches are meant to be STIFF, not soft or loose, and the upper level of what this needle should handle.

Chain 6, join.

1st round: Double crochet 15 stitches in loop.

2nd round: Single crochet 2 times into each double crochet. (30 stitches)

3rd round and beyond: *single crochet 2, increase in next st. (2 SC in one stitch)*, repeat until you have a total of 56 stitches. Stop increasing, and single crochet in each stitch until you have made a total of 21 rounds.

22nd round (brim): *SC 2, increase in third stitch*, for one round.

23rd, 24th 25th rounds: SC.

26th round: Picot the edge like this: *Sc 2, SC, chain 3, sc in same st.* repeat all the way around.

Thats it! Tuck in the ends, Steam it out, and wear it.

COMMENTS: I've sometimes crocheted into the back loop only, so there is a continuous line in a whirl pattern around the hat, this lends itself to embroidery. You certainly are free to use a different stitch, this is only a basic guide. Alternating crocheting into the front loop and the back loop make a very pretty stitch as well.

Any questions:

Pics soon...

Personal Twaddle Doggie had his usual "Yarn Party" in my new studio yesterday, also took the toilet brush, soap samples and an entire box of tampax for a spin in the living room. Getting tired of rewinding over and over, gotta keep doors closed, which restricts air flow. Anyone got tips on relieving the very evident "separation anxiety" being exibited by this adorable yet maniacal Mini Pin? Would very much appreciate it! Thanks!

Crocheting hats for the store, doing a cloche shape, with a small brim that can be pinned up or left down for added mystery. Using mixtures of silks and hard cottons for the transition to fall, as well as for those unlucky few who can't wear wool. Will post one version pattern for it tommorrow morning, gotta run to work now. It's tres' simple, and the shape is selling for well over $100. in town (Manhattan that is) and on Look in the "store" section under hats to see what I mean. I'll take a pic and post it of what this pattern will produce as soon as I can.

Wow, Back in action. Was unplugged there for a few weeks, and really actually liked it. We moved a ridiculous amount of stuff during the heat wave, painted 6 rooms (3 more to go). I am a bitchin spackler! Now I'm setting up my studio day by day. Haven't gotten the knitting machines put together yet, but it makes me *SO HAPPY* to finally have all the yarn cones in one place, up on shelves, even (somewhat) color co-ordinated. We went to a Mets game last night, it was a nice change from working on the house together, more like a date! Brought turkey sandwiches, and M bought me a $5.00 tiny bag of Cracker Jack. We had pretty good field box seats to begin with, but after the 7th inning, lots of people left, and we snuck down to the seats right next to the field, it was a beautiful night, and you could see the players nostril hairs. Mets won.

Trying to get the summer clothes out of the store to make room for Fall and winter things, so everything is on sale till the end of August.

Saw a woman, Naomi, crocheting madly on the subway yesterday, and went to ask her what she's making, turns out she's an afghan designer, and hopefully, I'll have a few of her masterpieces in the store come Oct.

Dog loves the new house and yard, there are 2 squirrels that tease him on a daily basis, doing acrobatics up high, and he can only watch, with his mouth quivering and salivating. It's very funny.