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How sad is this story? This 2 week old puppy and 8 of her siblings were just found here in Brooklyn abandoned next to a garbage bin, apparently left to starve. They are beyond cute, and look like some type of shep/rottie mix. All are brown or black with markings. Want to give your karma a cosmic boost? Adopt one! They are all available to love you unconditionally, for free, and I know they like to play dress-up just like cats do! {thank you, Bitter-Girl}

Contact: for info this week, please.

Ok, got my template stabilized. NOT TOUCHING IT for a while, wasted enough time on it.

Bug testing/experimenting with the first iteration of CPlot with export .mov feature!!!! Torsten, you FUCKING ROCK! Will post some experimental movies if they warrant it. Feel like knitting dresses also this am. 7g. The weather is beautiful, and I'm glad it's Friday.

Testing this buggy mess again. Are men finally evolving? SuperDame Gets Her Man. How nice! See how the really smart guys understand that it's an equal partnership? This validates my aversion to younger men as well. It works both ways. {via the Observer}. On the other hand, my friend Robin and her cohorts are starting a porn magazine for women. :-> Lots of penii in varying states of attention, gay guys should dig it as well. I'll be carrying it in the shop. She'll be doing a running feature of guys on the street, if you are reading this, and want to be in the mag, come by my shop in a few weeks, take your shirt (or whatever else you want) off, and I'll photograph you, and get your signature on a model release.

Don't think I don't get the irony of the two subjects in the same paragraph. I admit I'm all over the map, yet still strangely consistent. That's the fun of it.


OSX visualization freaks {obviously I'm talking to myself here :-D}, CPlot 0.8.4 is out!!

Thought I'd have to force myself to learn Mathematica to get images like these!! (If I could get me hands on a copy, anyway, not that easy).
cplot trio

Just checked the template, and it had REVERTED BY ITSELF to a former version. Ummm, I added the Yaccs code, and for the time being, comments are back. Don't trust it, though. Still have tweaks to be made, but not making them anytime soon.

Wallowing in visualization land today. Half the fun of these programs is following the programmers mind through the graphics execution and features. Been emailing <-/-> with Mr. Hilgenberg this am, working on convincing him to add a "save as: .mov" function, and I got a secret equation back to try that produces caricatures. {!!!}

Yes, I badly need to do laundry and various other chores. Too bad. :-D
Tough tittie said the kittie, but the milk tastes good.

I'm not missing comments yet, nobody's interested in this stuff anyway but me and like 6 other people on earth. I'm not going to *talk* about knitting for the forseeable future. Bored stiff. Email me if you're so inclined:

The totally fabulous Zandra Rhodes has opened her own Fashion and Textile Museum {NYT, reg req} in London! This woman has been an inspiration to me since my teens. When I first moved back to NYC at 21, I frequently went to Bloomingdales on my lunch hour (worked around the corner) just to look at the colors, seams, construction techniques and details on her deeply original, handmade gowns. Everything was hand done, meticulously. That's what I was doing/learning at the time, as I had no machinery aside from a zigzag sewing machine. Her skyhigh production standards became the benchmark of the best a handmade garment could be. Not to mention the aethetics, gowns from another planet they were, unlike anything else I'd ever seen. Deeply pretty and feminine. Bravo Zandra!

It's an exciting day in the 'hood when I discover a new app for visualization of complex functions: CPlot 0.8.3. OSX only. Wow!
Artistic Dini

Why do I have to waste time sleeping?

Comments remain dead...

testing. Template has returned, but comments have not. Spent the better part of last night and today reinstalling and rebuilding OSX on the big brain at home also, it finally expired last night, and wouldn't even boot up from the hard drive. Not that big a deal, I don't believe it's hardware related, but just a pain in the ass and waste of precious time. At least it didn't happen a few weeks ago, or I would be crying. Actually, I needed the experience messing with the OS, and don't mind that much, expecially as it's been raining hard nonstop.

Saw the Malkovich directed "The Dancer Upstairs" Saturday night with Pirco, a very intense, good movie. Violent and exotic. Real, not "cartoon" violence, just cringe-inducing. I had to look away many times. Then we went to a big, rowdy, outdoor African Festival they hold every year here in Brooklyn, that was fabulous. The handcrafts were lovely and inspiring, and food and music delicious.

Blogger Pro's code BLOWS. It's broken beyond belief. Wasting huge chunks of time trying to get it stablized. Template keeps disappearing..

Got this page mostly fixed, need to redo template for archives, they're a mess now..

It always really bothers me when characters *manipulate* computers using fake programs or procedures to do what the plot requires, but the Matrix Sequel Has Hacker Cred. Finally! Yeah! More reason to love this flick. It is extremely out of character for me to be this interested in a movie, but there is a ton of deep stuff here. love it..

Killer Kitty Of course the very day I type "no rodents", my sweet little doggesque KittieGirl presents me with a fat dead mousie on the kitchen rug. I love you, KittieGirl! You're a fabulous Roughneck Killer! Sleek and Mean! Take No Prisoners! Extra treats for You! I wish Mary Yaeger made a Female Merit Badge for your accomplishment. {via Charlene}.

I have a strong feeling Kittie's going to be busy this summer honing her Amazonian huntress skills, if last summer's infestation was any indication of what's to come. Yes, I did the steel wool, etc.....

Spending a relaxing rainy afternoon posing and saving minimal surface visualizations. They are on the first leg of the journey to becoming embroidery files.

The dress proposal is for the Emmys, not due until September, if Virginia's client chooses it. I got up at 6am, knit 2 swatches, one black, one champagne, made one page of sketch, and delivered at 7:15 am, while walking the dog. Pressures off.

Went to bed at 9:45, feel much more well-rested today. Cut 2 more skirts this am, going to sew and embroider pockets for them in about 5 minutes, after I finish my bowl of cereal.

I live a a very funky neighborhood. Always known that Santaria (a sort of voodoo) is practiced around here, but this morning saw a full grown chicken with it's head cut off lying in the crosswalk on the way to Virginia's. Poor thing. What's the point? At least if they ate them afterwards... There are snails on the sidewalk after a rain, and lots of baby birds are falling out of their nests in the past few weeks. Lots of feral cats, NO rodents.


Made a muslin extra a-line skirt this am, simple, kneelength, with fabric pictures of a small porcelain doll I own sewn on. She's nude, and just adorable. From her hair style and coloring, I'd say she's from the 1930's. {anybody that can date her more exactly, feel free. I'm not interested in guesses.} It's now living under that halter top in the window. Forgot the camera at home, will shoot it tommorrow.

Still mentally and physically fried to a crisp, and not very productive. Got asked about an hour ago to sketch a possible dress design for someone going to some hollywood awards show, BY 8 AM tommorrow. I should be all excited about it, but I don't have the energy. Came in to work today 3 hours late. I swear I'm packing it all up in a rucksack, and heading down to Mexico, without telling anyone. I'm just tired, plain and simple. Mudlike coffee is not cutting it anymore.

UPDATE: Virginia just swung by in a cab, and now I am starting to get a little excited about that dress, she wants swatches and a simple sketch, I guess I can do that tonight. *sigh*...{just think about the house I want to buy and DO IT, damn it}

Interesting deconstruction of the Matrixs' underlying psychology and myth. (via Salon) Another article, more technically oriented, from "Wired". It was on my mind alot yesterday. It's a complex, adult cartoon, with a Joseph Campbell brain. Remember watching "The Power of Myth" when I was about 32, and in what I call "hummingbird" mode. Creatively and personally, I was able to move my wings faster than the eye can see. Those phases do not last, nothing does, but you go in and out of them. It made a strong impact, like reading Ayn Rand at 21. Ok, what's in the cards for this decade? More science/technology combined with the human element, I suspect.

Spent yesterday not knitting, but cleaning, arranging the house and sitting in the sun staring out the window at the huge blooming tree in the back of the apt. house, thinking. A day spent wallowing in {internal} luxury.

Thrilled today, I can knit all day, don't have to go anywhere! Did the park in the early am, it's beautiful out, and ran into Ingrid and her rowdy critters, that was fun.

The shop's pretty much sold out of knits, and I have to hustle a bit and get back on track.

Saw "The Matrix, Reloaded" last night with a bunch of people who also liked "Tron". Lovely time. HIGHLY recommended, it's visually gorgeous, and I can't resist the geek talk. The Jesus/God metaphor is a bit heavyhanded, but I didn't care. The compositing was excellent, I always look for that. And in terms of "girl power", Trinity literally and figuratively *kicks ass*. Now I want to put black vinyl on everything. :-D (Have plenty of it). I love the concept of going out to take care of business, suited up in the most efficient way. Notice she wears no hideous power suit, tan pantyhose or sneakers. Shiny black catsuits for everyone! During the most violent, beautifully choreographed fight scenes, no-ones sunglasses even came off. Enjoyed that detail very much. They need to wash their nasty sweaters, though, I was itching to pop them in a bath of lukewarm water and Ivory liquid.

One new halter, now in the window of the shop.
Font Collector?

Handknitting engineered cotton halter tops to get back in the knitting mindset. It's not easy. I just want to think of nothing.

Another excellent quote by John Maeda on the perils of teaching:

"Notes on Being an Instructor
John Maeda, 2003
In the role of the instructor, due to your own conceit there is much damage that you can do to a student. At the same time, due to your own sense of charity, there are many possibilities that you can open for the student. In the former case, it is possible to do well by a student to show them how to prepare for the future in an explicitly formulated manner. However, in all cases you must consider the short-term future versus the long-term future. Students need to make their own mistakes on their own terms. Any hints you can give them quickly expire as they have left you. Independence cannot be taught. Charity is an important quality for an instructor. You continue to give all that you can in terms of your at-thatmoment insight, your future ideas, and opportunities that might be available to you that you share with your students. The new instructor quickly realizes the difficulty to this approach. That is a difficulty wrought of human ego. For instance, you might suggest to a stuck student a particular direction. He/she will grudgingly adopt the approach, and then sometimes succeed. Most likely, in a rush of passionate creation he/she has forgotten that it was you (the originator) that suggested the idea. Your ego is hurt; their ego is nurtured. And it can become even worse when the student later tries to impress you or claim creative equality to you by sometimes literally rubbing it into your face. My advice is to move on.

People who have ideas, continually have new ideas. You are better off letting go of your ideas as it means that you no longer have to do them anymore. You are living life in the most efficient manner."

Dealt with this issue myself in many forms, have simply taken a hiatus from teaching, have to admit that's what's going on right now. I had great students for many series of classes, then got a class of hardcore jerks, each jerky in their own obnoxious way. Strangely, they were all grouped together, not interspersed with "good" students. His attitude is almost Zen about it. I still don't want to teach "en masse" anytime soon, although I do plan on teaching one on one, occasionally, as time permits. I've had knitters come into the shop to show me an attempted copy of a hat I had knit and displayed in the window. How was I supposed to react to this? Tried to be diplomatic, and get on with it. Have had knitters come in and DEMAND the pattern for a garment. Would you go into Prada and demand the pattern for a skirt? People can be weird, unoriginal and stupid. They can also be inspiring and individualistic. Trying to surround myself with that kind from now on.

There is a phenomenon called "mirroring" that gets, probably mostly unconsciously, used on me pretty frequently. A note to those who use this technique: IT CREEPS ME OUT. I am AWARE of what's happening. I will not feel a rapport with you, but revulsion and lack of respect for not representing who you really are. This is not about being able to relate, having similar interests, etc, it's much more insidious. My last "boyfriend" ws expert at mirroring, in fact took it to an extreme level. I watched over the years with dismay as his clothing choices, musical tastes and personal habits and verbal expressions changed to copy each new person or group that he became infatuated with. It was appalling and I felt embarrassment for him. People ate it up, though. I'm sure I fell for it in the beginning, myself. But it is my nature to always strive for the true, the realistic, the factual, and what's under the shallow surface. The illusion that we were so alike did not last that long. No-one can do that to me now without my noticing. Live and learn. On and on.

Very excited for the shop to be listed in today's MUG {Manhattan Users Guide}! I love it, and am a subscriber. This is turning into an amazing period in RedLipstick history.

Fell a bit hard for one beige/pale grey and white tiny kitten yesterday, friends hustled me outta there before I attached it to my shirt.

Lest you think I'm getting a bit too fancy-pants on you, not to worry... try some "down to earth" Fashion "Do's"and "Don'ts". Skanky and funny.

Sad to find out today that Suzy Parker has died. She was the original "supermodel". Not that I ever gave a shit about that, but for me, during my twenties, she was the epitome of a sort of obscure, invented glamour, that me and my pals actually lampooned and parodied, in a very loving way. She was a favorite of Chanel, and invented a very specific way of posing, very exaggerated. Thanks for the inspiration, Suzy. Bon Voyage.

Taking my friend Sam to go meet Ranjit in the park to look at adoptable puppies and kittens at some adopt-o-fair this am. I'm not taking anymore critters home, but I want to play with them.

Well, I pulled the rabbit out the hat. At 2pm this afternoon, all required submission materials made into priority mail. Today is the deadline for postmark. What a relief. It's out of my hands now. It took me 11 hours to complete my five page resume. I couldn't squeeze it anymore. Word crapped out so I had to html code it, and print it from a browser, no big deal since it needs to live online anyway, it's full of links. Jesus Christ. Now I never need to do that again.

I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I can't wait to get out of here today, and go home with a plate of Mama Duke's (that's puffy's mom to you, she has a fat barbeque joint right around the corner from my shop) incredible barbecue ribs, mashed and greens. I've been eating like crap, and feel like it, too. I just want to lay in bed like a zombie with something stupid on tv and feed tiny bits of tender meat to my pets till I pass out.

Here are some quick photos of the book. Ok, I HAVE TO STOP DICKING AROUND NOW.

Looking for a complicated sewing project yourself? How about an intricately cut jacket pattern by John Galliano from his A/W 2001 Pirates collection? Free.

I finished the book. It's beautiful. I will take pictures tommorrow when there's some sunlight in my kitchen, which is the spot for cooking alot more than food these days.

Started researching resumes and CVs online, creating those are the most important of tommorrow's tasks. Not looking forward to it.

Looked first at John Maeda's site to get in a certain mindset. Here's an excerpt of his writing, a memo to his students:

"An intense center of work is a function of having intense people. Intense people cannot be borne in a workplace -- they have to start out that way. Having a common overall goal indeed helps, but the former condition is necessary.

Constructive, intense people find rewards for progress within themselves, not from the outside. They find positive ways to interface with their community -- often serving to lead the dialogue and energy for the benefit of all. Less constructive, intense people seek external rewards and try to disengage themselves from a sense of community with a kind of righteousness that threatens all the goodness around him/her.

In my own career, I have found myself wavering between the good and bad like any normal intense human being. I have seen in life, there is a choice in either extreme. My current experience has guided me to conclude that the former (the light side) is in the end truly the only route for any career with a deeper meaning. I ask within each of your own developing careers, that you find the more productive route to life sooner, rather than take as long as i have had to finally figure it out. "

What else can you say about this? It's always an inspiration to read something so articulate, which I am not. Writing and organizing thoughts and words is my least favorite thing to do.

I got a full set of his Reactive Books at Siggraph in LA a few years ago, they are among my most prized possessions. They're not published anymore.

I smell good again.

Curious? How compatable are you to me?

A great article on Parallel Universes.

Got sixteen pages of fabric images, embroidery designs and swatches done for the portfolio, have to rethink the binding scheme, I don't have time to do the casings. Going to do something with some pretty colors of velvet ribbons instead, and then hand bind those together with silk cord and a large needle in a woven braid pattern, although I was trying to avoid any handwork, and use only machines.

There's a downside to being stupidly prolific all the time. When the day comes, and it will, when you have to document it all, that's the day you're sorry you weren't one of those people who make one thing, and work it, work it, work it.

I'm getting really burnt out, and haven't had a shower in 3 days. Even the dog must think I stink. :-{}
Going to stop for a break and have one and another cup-o-joe, then continue. Maybe take a walk later.

Staying home and working today, shop is closed. That gives me three solid days before deadline. Can do. Going through the archives, and found this:

Me, 1981, photoshoot for some Japanese magazine I never got a copy of. The dress is cotton lined rubber, sequined and rhinestoned, with tassels on the shoulders. I still have that dress, and am proud to say I can still fit into it! (ok, not very comfortably, and I can't breathe, either). Somehow I remember going out every night, and actually needed clothes like this. These days, I'll happily settle for a pair of flat shit-kicker ankle boots.

Want to take this opportunity to say I love my friends, who are the best in the world. I am an extremely lucky woman.

Photoshopping old photographs is interesting! I've mostly worked on digital ones, the old film based ones have a richer quality somehow.

Feeling calmer, yet still mighty pressured. Working assembly line style: cutting, then all embroidery first, pictures and swatches sewn in next, then pages assembled. I devised a novel ( I think) way of binding the pages together involving casings, and cords (leather or crocheted silk) that hold the canvas cover on. Settled on 20 double faced pages, max.

The most obnoxious thing is having to redo my resume'. I've done so many disparate creative things for so long that I hardly remember them all.

Almost done with the embroidered graphics, but started digitizing mathematical objects, and they're so beautiful in thread that I'm staying here a bit longer than I should.

Have to photograph and document the cool neoprene project I did for gamelab....Make a copy of the Madonna video, and write a statement.

That's it!

Ok, I'm out of my motherfucking mind. It's puke in my pocket time, realizing what a huge amount of work I have to do in the next 4 days, while running the shop at the same time. The printable broadcloth is GREAT> the photos look fantastic, and they have that weave texture for extra visual interest.

Why did I make so much work for myself?

My computer started making a grinding noise this am when I launched the mail program, but not anything else, so I'm not getting email at home. I can't afford to have this thing crash right now, have too much photoshop work to do. Have no time for diagnostics, either. Please don't fail you damned hard drive! Luckily, I'm fast at ps, but there are moutains of things to sift through and optimize for printing.

Took the dog to the park early this am and ran into people I used to hang out with, friends of my ex, it was awkward at first, but I knew I'd run into them eventually, and I was glad to get it over with. They have the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! He's just a doll.

Just keep going.... don't stop...don't stop.

Having an absolutely wonderful day: Went in to work, it's misty, overcast and chilly, so business was slow, but John the UPS man delivered my printable broadcloth, so I beat it out of there a few hours early without guilt. Came home to work, but first stopped by the office of Angele H., a designer I very recently became aware of, to pick up some more of her incredible straw bags and horn accessories for the shop. I found out about her through a friend of Charlene's, Glinda, when they visited the shop last week, and showed me the faboo things they had gotten at her sample sale, after I nosily inquired what was in their bags. I called Angele right away and hurried over, and bought many things, which are selling like hotcakes on a cold day.

The thing that makes me so very happy today, is that she works with craftswomen in underdeveloped countries to make her products. They are made with the best materials, and the workmanship is superb. Angele is supporting these women, and by extension their children and villages by utilizing their formidable skills, providing an outlet, and paying an excellent wage.

Today she showed me her brand new line of baby dresses. Oh. My. Hera. Exquisite cottons from France, gorgeous handmade smocking details, just the most beautiful, classic, puff sleeved baby dresses I've ever seen. The hems are sewn so finely by hand, you can't even see the stitches. I immediately ordered some for the shop, and will have them in June. I'm the first shop in the world to carry these dresses! And I'm very excited about it! They will range in size from 3 mos. to 4 years.

This proves that you *do not* need to be a garmento asshole, ripping your customers off and exploiting your workers. She told me that the first time she visited this village, the children were dirty, very skinny, and very poorly dressed. Since she began working with the women there, the whole situation is reversed. Everyone is happy and healthy, eating properly, going to school, and dressed well. The village is prospering.

I am so proud of you, Angele!! I'm *so happy* to be able to support her projects, which are amazing.

When my online shop launches, probably late May to mid June, I'll be selling her work online. You'll see how beautiful these things are. Feeling very "Girl Power" today. :->

Alexander the Great in Embroidery

Alexander the Great. This one was a bitch because of all the colors, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Welcome to Michelle Eva Szinger, (brand new lil sister for Lizzie) who made her grand entrance on the 6th of May, in the early am. Congratulations to John and Jeannie Szinger!! Some of you may recall John, who presided admirably last year as a 2002 Knit Hat Show judge.

Oh, tired today, not much done. I forgot it's Mother's Day on Sunday, the shop was super busy all day, and I didn't get a chance to refine the embroidery patterns ( on the laptop) I need to use. I can't really close the shop this week. SHIT.

Went through the swatches again tonight, figuring what I can cut up without cringing, trying to make an "org chart" of how it needs to be laid out, etc. Hope printable broadcloth gets here tommorrow so I can start making the fabric photos. It's hard to design a decent layout without all the elements. A TBD square is not going to cut it.

Plan to have a productive am, will take more pictures of progress before I go in. Thank you Hera, for creating Espresso Roast.

Found out poking around in my storage room what Kitty has been doing in her copious, secret spare time. You don't want to know. I'm going to sew her onto a muslin page and hang her on the wall for the rest of the week. You little witch!

Like they say, I can sleep when I'm dead.

The lack of time is getting nervewracking, a bit, just a bit. Uh, if only I didn't have to work. I do thrive on pressure, but I was tired to begin with.

Why can't I have a clone? This is a perfect time for one! I want 2 of me. Me, and one of me that does my bidding, exactly like I would do it.

Ok, I'm losing it.
I have to go to bed now.

Bluebird of Happiness

Test. Will change font and bird. Idea is good. I think that was a funny song when I was a girl.

Decided to try to visually document this project, here. If this bores you, stay away until the 14th, when I'll be totally ready for some knitting, and sick of sewing.

Me. Me. Me.

Happy to get started, all materials assembled and ready. {Well Alex, what do you think?}

cutting muslin pages

Even a rectangle needs a pattern. Wiss pinking shears on the right and Hoffritz shears on the left are weights, with my scary rotary cutter in the middle, doing the dirty work. I forgot how absolutely beautiful washed and pressed muslin is. Cut each one separately to maintain a straight grain as best as possible. Made about 40, in case of some duds, and have plenty of fabric left if I need more. The final book is going to be in the neighborhood of 9" x 12", so I gave an extra inch and a half for seams and binding.

Yes, I wear lipstick in the house, at least during daylight hours. This is the house pink.

Finally got my muslin and stabilizer in the city yesterday, and $100. worth of beautiful cotton thread. Washed and pressed muslin this am. Starting work on the portfolio in about an hour, after chores and errands are done. Not much talking this week. Have a good one. xxxx Staceyjoy

Cherry Embroidery

I'm getting the hang of this software. Cotton thread on wool.

Test scan of openwork stitch. I've never designed for print, only web, therefore never had to deal with anything much over 72 ppi. High res work, 300-600 ppi, is SLOW AS FREAKING MOLASSES. I'm already tired of watching that curser spin around. Should print quite nicely. This openwork tuck stitch was for Donna Karan. 7g machine.

test scan of swatch

Took a rush gig from my friend Virginia, who's a stylist, "customizing" some really beautiful clothes for one of her clients. She also gave me two totally froufrou pink lace Betsey Johnson dresses in my size. I've been in "janitor" mode lately, not very femme, and I had to laugh. I will wear them this summer. The job is due Monday morning, so I can think more, yet not be unproductive. Monday, I start work on the book. Might keep the shop closed Wed and Thurs., depends on how fast I can make it.

Researched and ordered some of the inkjet printable fabric Sarah kindly recommended in my comments. Apparently, this stuff has only been around for about a year, and you can get some really nice detail, especially on the broadcloth. So I CAN make an entirely fabric book.

The embroidery experiments in the shop now.

A question for you "old skool" knitting bloggers: Anyone started their (knitting) blog before April 2001, or know of one started before that date? I believe I may be the first knitting blogger, want to list that on the resume, but need to make sure. I've checked everyone's archive dates, can't find anyone earlier than me, but I may have missed someone, or not be aware somehow {hard to fathom, but it's possible} of an older blog. Thanks for looking!

Oh.....doing a little research on past winners, John Maeda? One of my gods. Maharam? I gave a presentation on knitted fabrics there a few years ago. I just realized this is a big deal, and I've lifted my head up out of my little world of string and computers momentarily to see that. Now I'm a little scared. Expect to run through the entire gamut of emotions many times in the next 2 weeks, from spiritual-level euphoria to wanting to puke into my pocket with fear. Hell, I ran the range of those two just yesterday. Was up at 3am poking through the hundreds of swatches in my "archives", and planning, planning, planning. Until this is organized in my head to my satisfaction, I will not be able to sleep.

Must. Calm. Down.

See, if I were really that cool, I'd pretend to take it all in stride. hehe

{thank you Grandpa. I love you.}

Spent the last 24 hours mentally: Visualizing and working out technical problems for the portfolio book I'm making for submission for the National Design Award jury. It's going to be made entirely out of fabric, with washed, bleached muslin for the pages, canvas for the cover. All text and graphics will be machine embroidered, small swatches of original knitted stitch structures ( my best ones) will be inserted into the pages like windows, so they may be seen from both sides, looked through and touched. Photos may be scanned and made into iron-ons: have to see if I can get a good enough quality. Been speaking with my most intelligent and articulate friends to help me compose an artistic "statement", this blog is the closest I get to verbalizing any of what I do. Thank you for the feedback, guys. I feel very lucky to know them right now.

It's good to be organizing these things, although I wish I had more time. I'll enjoy making the fabric book, and will post pictures of it . Have to maintain focus for the next 2 weeks.

A lovely article (NYT. reg req.) on the beauty of grey. Yes, my shop is painted dove grey.