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Google IPO page is live.

Apropos of nothing: Flight 404. The *most* beautiful java and physics experiments. I have a weakness for this stuff.

And while we're far, far away from knitting: R.I.P. Francis Crick.

Had our first dog-n-sweater photo shoot yesterday. I'm happy to report my own little monster was brilliant! Sitting and staying {for cookies, of course} on cue! My little cookie ho! Anything for a snack. Wanted to take my own pictures, but was too busy doggie wrangling. Starting to feel in "hummingbird mode" re: getting the pieces finished. That feels good.

We're using the same wonderful photographer that Amy {see post below} used for her new book, "Knit Wit" and he had an advance copy at the studio, Oh dear knitting friends, what a lovely book she's made. I got a quick peek inside!
Little Phil

By sheer coincidence this am, became aware of a tiny, 9 lb, tan minpin who needs a home, Little Phil is his name. We're going to meet him on Monday.

Fabrics that spontaneously clean themselves! I'm so glad I'm living now rather than 100 years ago.

Exciting Developments today: The excellent Amy Singer, Publisher of, may be coming to RedLipstick in the Fall to sign copies of her Brand Spanking new book "Knit Wit"! Brooklyn knitters will finally have a rare chance to meet this elusive Canadian, and I can't wait!

Our people are deep in negotiation even as you read this, and we anxiously await the details, which will be posted here as they develop! Mexican Hot Chocolate may be involved.

You will be able to buy "Knit Wit" at RedLipstick as soon as it's available, or you can preorder it on Amazon.

Kitty inspects the tiny animals.
Kitty inspects tiny animals on the kitchen table.

silk covered thighs 2004

Pattern writing, dog models and yarns are finally starting to come together for the book, I really don't want to, and can't talk about it too much here, that would ruin all the surprises! This is a fun project, for sure....

Going to look at another storefront 2 blocks from my shop later, I have a year or so left on my lease, but there are many stupid, unsolvable problems and annoyances at that location, and the landlord is a cheap jerk who's going to jack up the rent unreasonably, so I've been scouting around looking for a new spot. This might prove interesting. Have considered running both shops for a year, then back down to one when the old lease runs out. We'll see how it plays out.

Feeling really fucking raw lately.

Late last night I was awakened by a voice calling my name out on the street, I ignored it for a while, but no, it was for me, a male friend of mine, drunk, wanting to hang out. I wasn't flattered.

Dog Toy or Marital Aid?

Interesting article about visual-spatial ability and dyslexia. Apparently "only prisons have more dyslexics than design institutions". I've found my people! :-> Personally, I've got a brother who overcame it magnificently, and while I've never been professionally diagnosed, and am actually a pretty good speller and a voracious reader, my problem is/was with numbers, {pre-calculators, of course}. But this is a great description of how my mind works, perhaps yours too? I visualize everthing, completely, no sketches or anything else, and then just make it. I always knew something was "off" with my thought processes, nice to find out I'm in good company. Also, an article today about adult A.D.D. { NYTimes, reg. req.} *sigh* I fall squarely into the camp that believes it's an enhancer and a {hydra-headed} gift, not a detracter. Not for everyone though.

“Once you are interested in how things evolve, you have a kind of never-ending perspective, because it means you are interested in articulating the evolution, and therefore the potential change, the potential redefinition.” Rem Koolhaas

That quote is for Martha.

Spent the early am in the park with my dear friend Martha and her son Max, who are visiting from Switzerland. Went later than I usually go, and because of that, had the exquisite luck to meet a Chinese Crested, which I need to model for the book. They're the hairless dogs with a fluffed out tail end and a blond mohawk. Chacha is In-freakin-credible. He's a giant of his breed, same as my huge minpin Murphy. Chacha is 40lbs! A magnificent monster! Feel lucky today. And aside from that, love hanging with Martha, who's doing knit design for a huge european company. She really is the only person I know on the industrial side that I can talk to in depth about what we do. Most interesting. She found out that Shima is making a mini whole garment machine, will research that tonight. If there's any way in hell I can buy one, it's mine. Looks like Shima's getting pretty experimental {Especially check out July 2004 from the drop down I thought I was anal when it came to my work}

Googled my name this am, just for fun. Found a software review I wrote was reprinted without my knowledge in FPS magazine in 1997. Why didn't they just tell me? Afraid I'd want to get paid, or something silly like that? Oh man, I love the internet. The link is posted here for my "records".

Stressed beyond belief. Not handling deadline well, in addition to 10 hour days at the shop. Broke out in a rash last week.
*LOOOOOng drawn out sigh*.

Still waiting for my clear capsules.

For all who guessed what I'd put in them, some came very, very close. Beads, fairy dust, seeds: all correct. 1" square instructions, YES!

In the midst of extreme busidom, also slowly completing another long-thought-about project: took delivery of a three head toy capsule vending machine yesterday, on a stand. I've always wanted to design the description cards that are in the glass part, and also put tiny things in the capsules. If you look at the artwork on them, they can be quite weird/strange/, but in a good way, or just hardcore bad {design} taste, which is also good. What could be a cool, beautiful thing to have, stored and delivered in a 1" capsule to your open palm, and only cost .25? I finally had a brainstorm of what that could be. Ordered the empty capsules this am. More on this as it develops..

1st blueberry crop
My first blueberry crop! I let kitty eat one. There were originally 4, but one was decimated by either a bird or an insect.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Support Team {shoutout to Wendy W.}

Amazing. Talking to poeple and getting sponsors to donate materials for the book. It's a love-fest, and I'm getting a wonderful response. WIll have some very unusual yarns and techniques included. Spoke with Kim from Penny's General Store for a long time this am. Kim married a casual friend of mine, Susan, around 7 years ago, and they now have a son. Two very awesome, aware people, now three!

New York is a very small town.

Patterns are getting written, albeit slowly. My main problem is the very basis of the way I work, I'm so used to letting one thing lead to another and then another, that following my predetermined outline is actually bizarre and feels wrong. It feels like a JOB. Have another 2 books worth already on the back burner that are not going to fit in this one. Not dog sweaters, BTW>

Giant, light green frozen grapes.

I really can't post much preliminary work here, but these are so cute!

tiny canine sleeves

In other news, Ruby the baby bulldog has joined my model list. Waiting to hear back from Jarvis and Lia.