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My crowded shop, taken this afternoon.
Shop 10/04
Something very exciting happened today, but I'm not talking about it until I've signed on the dotted line. But obviously, I can't keep my mouth entirely closed.

Webshop: "Silver" is populated with one object. 'Time" now has another excellent Lexon product.

New Object in the webshop: the EGGO Self Folding Backpack. I think I'm one of the few to carry this in the US.

A note of explanation re: the webshop right now: I have a a solid, longtime, core group of readers of this blog, I know it from my tracking list. We all love to shop. Throughout the 4 years I've had my bricks and mortar (I hate that expression, it reeks of ad agency horseshit} shop, I've received so many emails regarding shopping there via mail. I was not set-up for it, although I did the occasional favor by shipping something out.

The objects my shop carries have become more interesting, and even more obscure. Sometimes, they are available only at Redlipstick in the US, nowhere else, as I frequently import things. As a treat for my core readers, I am posting each object here before the shop is complete, well before I send out press releases, etc. and let everyone know about it. My readers can buy these things if they chose before the "general public", it's like having first dibs.

For instance, the latest: the EGGO Self Folding Backpack. I'm obsessed with this! It's perfect. I only have 4 left, but will be ordering more. But I waited 3 months to get these. I did a search on the web, and it's only available online if you speak Japanese.

Enjoy. More to come. Keep it under your knitted hat for the time being. RedLipstick loves you.

"Time" is alive in the webshop!

Mexican Face Hat
Click for a larger view. Halloween at RedLipstick.

You think that's scary, how about this: 2004 Scariest Halloween Costumes. So not funny. {via MUG}

And as long as we're on the subject of {face}cosies: Museum of Craft Oddity's Cosy and Potholder Call for Entries. Deadline for entries is Dec. 1st. This is one show I really want to see.

Ok, there are two objects in the just born webshop!!! This is for my blog readers only, it's not even a soft launch. I just have to start somewhere...KNITKNIT#4!!! The other is under "Miscellany". No other links work, don't waste time clicking them. Will be updating with new objects in the other categories as pictures are produced. I'm pretty excited to be in this issue of KnitKnit, and it's also the least expensive way to own an original Liz Collins. :->

Art for Housewives.
Knits and Cake: Mrs. Pilkington

Have been seriously cranking out work of all descriptions, and have not had time to even boot up every day. Bought a new digital camera for close-up work, and just better pictures in general yesterday in the city at B&H, where the Fuji E550 is $60. less than Best Buy {$334. when you put it in your cart}. I love it, but don't know how to use it completely yet.

Target is doing custom made jeans. I'm definitely ordering a pair {dark indigo}.

I didn't go to Rhinebeck, I have too much to do here, and had to skip it. I'll try again next year.

It's just a question of: which color? Pink or Orange?, this would be great in the shops window at night, and can even model hats!

Later: I got the pink one! How great will this look with a lace cashmere knit dress in black or grey? People always want to buy the hats I have on the disembodied doll heads floating around the shop, and this can model HK infant dresses as well.


Fall 2004

Wow, has my head been in the clouds, or what? I've been wrangling PayPal this am, getting ecommerce set up for the new webshop, and found out that I have $435.34 being held in my old paypal account. That must have been there for 4 or 5 years! How it got there, I definitely don't remember, but it's a sharp, albeit sweet, reminder to start paying some attention to money matters. This is getting ridiculous.

I've got a new bald spot where I've been tearing my hair out. NYS sales tax has decided I owe over a grand from 2000, nevermind that it's WELL BEFORE I OPENED MY SHOP. They were arguing about it with me on the phone this am, and I have to go down there and somehow prove that I didn't have a shop then. In case anyone doesn't believe it, the government definitely makes big mistakes. This is only one of *three* I'm dealing with right now. Like I have time for this kind of crap, but you have no choice, or they just eventually take a totally made up amount, like this, out of your bank account, then send a letter letting you know. Good luck getting it back. All my personal tax refunds have been credited to this fictional debt, so I've not been getting them for 2 years. Got to start opening my mail more often.

Heads up, People starting new businesses, CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS Very Carefully, or you'll get royally screwed, and probably to pay for the war in Iraq.

This is about the time where I express thanks and appreciation for my accountant, Ed. I would be in deep financial shit without him.

Have a doctor's appt. on the 22nd, having some possible arthritis problems. Not happy about it. My hands are really all I have.


Sleeve and neck detail from a balloon skirted dress in progress. Alpaca, lambswool, angora, 2004. Should be done and in the window of the shop by next week, needs to be washed and blocked.

Little known knitting movements from the '60's:

The Drags:
60's Drag Fashion

The Novelty Peacocks {I noticed a styling mistake! He's ALREADY WEARING a helmet!}:
60's novelty

The MatchyMatchys:
Ripple Dog & Owner

Gone but not forgotten.

Crochet Me.

OH HOLY FUCK! My worst nightmare has been realized. {via Cozy of the Week}.
Truly, this contains all the elements for horror. Acrylic yarn, clowns, masked identity of children too young to have developed a strong moral sense, cheap colors, CLOWNS, permanent smirks, mocked innocence, inability to render a description of identity if attacked with a butcher knife by one of these creatures because you were too traumatized by the, uh, forehead quills and dark facial tracings, CLOWNS. That about sums it up. I feel like vomiting. Actually, I'm jealous I didn't think of it first. I will post a picture later in the week of my Mexican Face Hat from last year. It's in the same vein, but a bit more abstract.

Ok, now breathe.

Wow! I'm exhausted. We had an incredible book signing and reception today. As lovely as Amy seems online, let me tell you, in person, she's 10 times that great. We sold lots of books, even my regular customers who were not aware that we were having a signing bought some! This was as fun as it could be. Afterwards, Amy, Sarah, {she edited Amy's book, and also will edit mine, and who we both love} and I went out for drinks and Mexican dinner.

If anyone couldn't make it today to my shop, Amy's having two more signings tommorrow {Monday}, one at Make Workshop, and another at Seaport Yarns.

Got to meet the adorable Rose White, owner of the literally days old yarn shop Yarnivore {which I will visit tommorrow}.

Again, I was too busy yakking it up and serving up the hot chocolate to take pix, sorry!!!!

Time to turn in. Will pickup working on my book again tommorrow, since I'm now totally inspired again.

Mexican Hot CHocolate Recipe

This week was spent not working on my book, but knitting some new things for the shop. Here are some details of my favorite piece, a machine knit fairisle vest, with hand knit edgings. I'm into very small geometric patterns right now, and somewhat open edges. There is both knitting and crochet involved.
Vest Neck detail
And the hem...
Vest hem detail

It's still damp, so no full size shot till I can get it onto a mannequin. The tan and dk. grey strands are the merino/sik from Webs, handknitting that greasy stuff for the edges was gross, like knitting greasy hard spagetti, but since the machine knit sections were not washed beforehand, I had to add the edges in the same state, so they could be finished consistently. I love this yarn after cleaning, but what comes out in the wash water, you don't want to know. It's real state is very soft and luxurious. Been experimenting with harsher soaps, just for this, as Ivory just isn't having much of an effect.. Been using ginger bar soap, which cuts the grease very well, and leaves a great scent afterwards..

Planning Sunday, when Madam Amy Singer will join us at the shop for a book signing reception. Pastry Chef extraordinaire Samantha will be making Mexican Wedding cookies to go with the planned Mexican Hot Chocolate. Thank you Samantha!! {She's also the "mom" of one of my dog models, the adorable, naturally mohawked Raleigh}. I just hope it's cool enough for the hc. The first anniversary party I had for the shop, I also made hot chocolate, but it was still pretty warm out, and hot milk and balmy hope it's chilly for us! Or we're going to have wine in the afternoon.

See you on Sunday! I really can't wait to meet Amy! The book is gorgeous! BTW, "Knit Wit" will be 15% off at the shop!

LATER: We got a mention today in the indispensable daily Manhattan Users Guide! Thank you, Mr. Suisman!

Got some loose balls in your stash without labels? Not sure what they're made of? Here's an excellent explanation of the "Burn Test" used to determine fiber content. Don't smoke, but always have matches in my bag. This is why. Never know when you'll need to find out what's in a strand of yarn.

Pornocha Gorgeously drawn Mexican "porn+bad taste+pop subculture". I especially love the "Paper Putita". Warning: somewhat hardcore.

Oh man, I tried to get it together early this am, to get my morning work done and open up the shop on time, which is unusual for a Wednesday, my Monday. NO WATER. not even cold! And I've been working non-stop for 2 days, sans shower. Oh, how fragrant and greasy-haired I've become. City is installing a new water meter in the basement, and my landlord obviously didn't think it was important enough to mention. *sigh* Going in late today.

I *love* the experimental nature of Front Design projects. Especially the crocheted carbonfibre vases, motion vase and 3D scanner candelabra, sorry no way to link directly to them. In one of my recurring fantasies, my house is white, clean and dustfree, all minimal-like, and heavily populated with these types of objects. Yeah. Then I wake up.

Just in time for chilly weather, the Glitten Pattern has a permanent page.