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One of the odd products picked up in Jackson Heights. Went back today to drop off new machine, which needs fine tuning. *sigh* Got lots of foreign food items, though. There's an huge Indian supermarket, and a Japanese/Korean one, visited both today. Skipped the Mexican one this time.

Sadly, because it complicates my life, I got a cel phone today. I had to. There are hardly any public phone booths on the streets anymore, and I've been in too many situations lately where I needed to call or be called, and not at home or shop. Shit. Had one a few years ago and gave it up. Love not being "connected " all the time. Damn it. I guess I can just keep it turned off alot.

Made the most delicious dessert yesterday: Fresh figs, quartered, spoonful of Ricotta cheese on top, drizzle with honey. I used Himalayan Mountain honey from India that I got in Jackson Heights. Unbelievabley good. This is going to be my breakfast for a while, with strong black coffee, milk no sugar.

I love cake

I got a new piece of textile machinery a few days ago, a high-end computerized combination embroidery and sewing machine.Traded in my other emb. machine when I got an offer I couldn't refuse. It's incredible. I can't even go into all the things it can do. It can sew in any direction. I can make huge embroideries. The first night I just read the manual. This is the most fun I've ever had with this kind of machinery. Pictures when some things get finished. I have to go to sleep now.

Store looks good, I'm happy with it, but will stencil sometime in the future, not now. SO not really finished. SO what. I have another amazing machine! {so happy...} Mixing hand and machine techniques, and knitting, embroidery and sewing on the same pieces.

Prospect Park this am at 6:30 was beautiful, a tiny bit chilly and very deserted. I love August in many ways. Penny is becoming more playful every day, and totally recovered from her operation. sleep

Not booting up much, have alot going on. Don't have time to dwaddle. Swamped, in general. No days off for way too long, and none coming until week from tommorrow {so far!}. Resolving stuff. Finishing racks tommorrow, painting wall graphics Tuesday, Jackson Heights to pick up my embroidery machine {I missed it} designing a stencil tonight. Still unpacking the studio, thinking about which knitting machines {to set up} that I want to use this season. Handknitting hats in the meantime. Getting burnt out, want to go to the beach. A coupla days off at the end of this month is planned. I am enjoying developing knitting themes, and life in general, just tired, as usual.

"Plant-derived sliming agent" impregnated Slimming Socks. So offensive, on so many levels, not just the graphics. A pig?!?! Self-torture technology is evolving at a rapid pace, now incorporating polyurethane and nylon based longterm physical restraint and self-hatred in one convenient package. jeez. I ordered the black ones.

oink. yeah right.

Ana Tomical, my silent partner. She wears a custom made patent leather and Swarovski crystal corset designed by Dominique for FUZ. This keeps her internal organs intact and off my floor.

Ana Tomical

Designed a new ad last night for a local rag, The Brooklynite, out in September:

Working in the studio and cleaning house this am, off to freakin' Jackson Heights later this afternoon to get my embroidery machine fixed, it crapped out the other night, refusing to pick up the bobbin thread. Huge pain in the ass, as Jackson Heights is in Queens, and I have no car, so have to either haul it on the subway or hire an {expensive} car service. Then go back a week later and pick it up. Will be getting some more 22k baby earrings in Little India for the shop as long as I'm up there.

Things were breaking and going wrong at an epic pace this last week, now focusing on "clean-up". GRRRR. Contractor #2 comes in Wednesday to resolve steel rack problems, so shop is closed that day. Lil Penny has stomach trouble and left me a stinky surprise on the kitchen floor this am. Poor little thing, has a touch of colitis, not as bad as my first chichi, Wylie, just happenes every two months or so, and not as severe.

At least the weather has broken, and I'm not drenched in hated sweat all day. That makes everything easier.

Some of my Doily Tops may be in an issue of Rowan next year, we'll see. Thanks S, for thinking of me!


Penny when I first got her 4 months ago:

And yesterday, watching birds.

She's like an anime' creature, but much, much better. Anyone who's ever had a Chihuahua will understand.

We finally got the rails up and secure by 10:30 last night, and only one mishap, one wrenched out after being loaded with clothing and hangers and left a hole in the wall, we had missed the stud. Bottom line: Neither of us cried or yelled, although I think we both probably wanted to at various times. Friendship remains intact, that's nice! I got the shop mostly re-set-up last night, will try and finish tonight after a day in the city shopping. Will spackle offending wall hole sometime next week.

It looks great. My men's shirts are gorgeous. Ultra-thin Fall thermals came in also. Mini circus punks came in, too.

The renovation is going on day three. I'm getting pretty fed up, as it should have taken only a day, day and half tops. We're working at the speed of molasses. I'm going to ruin it soon by punching a hole in the wall with my foot from frustration. Today it has to end. I still need to spackle, sand and touch-up the paint after the rails are put up. *HUGE FUCKING SIGH*

The first box of embroidered men's shirts from England came in yesterday but I'm not opening the box until we're done. Can't wait to see them!

I love my dogs so much, now especially little Penny, since she's been spayed, her personality has really blossomed, as well as her appetite. She's the sweetest, most affectionate little dog. I have a very content and playful household now, makes me so happy to come home. I looked at pictures of her taken when I first got her 4 months ago, skinny and scared looking. Now she's plump, happy and relaxed, just like me. :->

Off to hang speedrail...

First batch of ice cream was a disaster because I was too impatient to let the bowl freeze solidly. The flavor was great, but as a result, it never froze. I put it in the freezer in containers anyway, and it got icy and nasty. Threw it all away. Trying again later this week.

Spent most of today with Alex, who's putting up my new racks in the shop. We measured, did a little rearranging, then lollygagged in Lowes, while the sales guy kindly cut and threaded our many galvanized steel pipes.

Have a case going on in Small Claims court to get my deposit and first month back from the guy with the cat lady in his building, what a farce. It got postponed for another 6 weeks because he "wasn't ready". I'm determined to see this through, and the process is interesting, if obnoxious. Was there in court tonight with my witness, Jen, until we got the postponement, so we went and had some dinner.

Shop is closed this week, re-opening Saturday with a new look and lots, lots more rack room. My men's stuff is starting to come in this week as well.

My ice cream maker was finally picked up from the post office this afternoon, the bowl is now in the freezer, and the first thing I'm going to do with it is make chestnut cream/banana ice milk for breakfast tommorrow. If I figure out some really good recipes, I'll start a section on this site for them. The point is high tongue satisfaction, very low fat and minimal sugar/honey. I've been reading many recipes, and really don't want to use the egg whites or yokes contained in many versions, so no custards. And no heavy cream>yuck.

Last night at the studio building, Penny and Murphy, the occasion: Liv-A-Snaps. Photo: Shelley.


Swamped, overwhelmed, very behind in all correspondence and work. Still feeling crappy, not sure if it's the after-effects of powerful anti-biotics or it's still not gone. Now having stomach issues. SHIT! Hot, tired. Planning to close for a week, either next or the one after for Rest & Relaxation & Renovation. Mostly Renovation. Finishing the shop, actually.

Got my shop landlord to commit to a new sidewalk this year, ours is trashed, with weeds growing between the old slate pieces. Took me 6 months to notice it, for some reason. jeez. Looks bad, and is becoming dangerous.