Friends of Wylie Chihuhahua Sweater Gallery

Zee's sweater
comfortably wrangles her hambone in a pink jumper
daintily knitted by Grandma Patricia from Maine.

Caesar's new duds
also gets some new ribbed threads, also courtesy of
Grandma Patricia.

Stuart's sweater
in his most recent, and highly celebrated role of
Pampered Fancy Lad in Hombre' Sweater.
Beautifully knitted by Sherry.

Pepe (Le Pu)All American!
Pepe (Le Phew)
modeling his gorgeous striped sweater with sleeves. Very French Pepe! Oui Oui! Then, the mood swings to "All American" in his red, white and blue pullover.
Lovingly knitted by Judith.

Siri in his blue sweater
recently rescued and made to
feel loved with a rusticly
goodlooking sweater knit
just for him by Annette.

SammySammy 2
Samantha Oxona Poppers, AKA Sammy
shyly modeling the stunning, royally colored, cabled and personalized (!) efforts of novice knitter David. Quite Impressive!

Pierre & Ruby
Ruby & Pierre
hanging together during crumb patrol, in a mellow style.

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