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What's new? - 12/23/08
Louche Cap Pattern A staple, longie toque for men and women.

11/21/08 RedLipstick House Brand - Original Patterns now in the webshop!

10/27/07 -Marsan Watchcap pattern has been updated and resized.

RedLipstick Daily Blog A record of what I'm knitting at the moment for my shop, plus experiments and otherwise random blather. Sometimes I post new patterns, until I get a chance to design a permanent page for them.

About these patterns:
These are two color per row graphs, for hand or machine knitting. Some of them are 24 stitch repeats, for punchcard machines. I've included two versions, colored graphs, and symbol graphs. You can look at the colored one to see what the pattern looks like, then print out the symbol graph, and color in your own scheme.

Indian Blanket Pattern
Andean Diagonal Pattern
Paisley Wood Knot
Fairisle #1 - Color......or......Fairisle #1 - Symbol
Fairisle #2 - Color......or......Fairisle #2 - Symbol
Fairisle #3 - Color......or...... Fairisle #3 - Symbol
Fairisle #4 - Color......or......Fairisle #4 - Symbol

Wheat Coin Panel Cable
Spindly Braid Cable
Party Favor Cable
Jumbo Panel Cable
Buttercups Allover Cable
Peanuts Cable
Border Cable

About Machine Lace Parts #1 and #2:
This is a 24 stitch repeat, useable on a Brother or Knitking punchcard or electronic machine. If you have a Singer, Passap or other brand, you may need to modify it. It is an elaborate semi floral, with lots of movement. Very Feminine. Because of the length of the graph, it is presented in two parts, part one being the bottom, part two the top. You will see the separation line. Just connect the graph there.

Machine Lace Part #1......and...... Machine Lace Part #2

About Mesh Structures series:
These patterns are a compilation of meshes, some you can find defined in pattern books, rarely in the same places, and some originals, the results of my investigations into stable random patterns on a grid foundation. The more random grids are in part #2.

Mesh Structures #1 and #2

Five Patterns

Please Note:
These patterns are to be used on a knitting machine set to tuck, or slip. You can also knit these at these settings using a thick yarn for 2 rows, and a thin yarn for 2 rows, (alternate), for some really interesting fabric. Then there is my favorite trick: Set your cams to tuck in one direction, and slip in the other.
In transcribing these patterns to a punchcard, you must punch out the BLANK squares, and leave the others alone. On an electronic, color the mylar ( pencil, on the back), with the dark dots as shown, then set your button to read negative. Try using 2 or 3 colors, too, (every two rows), for mosaic designs. Also, the half square symbols only denote the border, and are not part of the pattern.
Tuck patterns #1, Symbols

Louche Cap
Handknit Glittens
Handknit RickRack
The Olive Bobbles Knit Hat
The Marsan Watchcap
Try some two needle socks
Knit a sweater for your Chihuahua

Small Leaves Edging, Circa 1940
Victorian Fan Edging, Circa 1931
Maraschino Cherry Edging, Circa 1958
copyright 1996-2009 Staceyjoy Elkin, all rights reserved. Permission for electronic duplication of all these patterns is granted with the limitation that this entire notice remain intact. Patterns may not be reproduced in hard copy, with the exception of personal use, or for profit without my written permission.
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