Louche Cap Pattern

Want to knit your own slouchy Louche Cap? It's a longie type watchcap, with extra room at the top, and fast and easy to make.
I wanted the shaping of a gathered top, but I really don't like all gathered, it's just too much fabric, so this is half decreased, half gathered, and made on one circular needle. It's adult sized, and works on both men and women. You can make it child size by reducing needle/yarn size.

Needle: 10.5 US 16" circular

Yarn: About 100 grams of worsted weight, and not a yard less! I used one end of Jojoland Rhythm and one end industrial worsted weight cashmere/merino held together. SO: two 50 gram balls of worsted, at 110 yards per 50 grams, or comparable.

One yarn needle.

Gauge: 3 stitches and 4 rows per 1"

The Pattern:
Please note: This is knit on one size needle. I deliberately knit the cabled rib tightly, and purposefully knit the body of the cap looser. You may knit the rib on a size 10, if you like, then switch to a 10.5 for the body, if you don't care to control the tension this way..
Cast on 61 stitches, pass first stitch over to the left needle, then knit the first two stitches together for a clean join, and proceed:

Set-up Row: *k2, p2 TBL, k2, p2* to end of round. The twisting helps tighten the edge just a bit to prevent looseness.

Row 1: *cable 1x1 in direction of your choice, p2* to end of round
Rows 2 & 3: *k2, p2* to end of round
Row 4: As Row 1
Row 5 & 6: As Row 2
Row 7: As Row 1
Row 8 & 9: As Row 2
Row 10: As Row 1

Body Starts Here:
Knit 25 Rounds, slightly looser than the rib was knit, but not ridiculously so. Just ease up a bit. You can lengthen the hat here by adding extra rows, please knit one first before doing so, as you most likely will not have to.

Top Shaping:
Row 36: *SSK, k8* to end of round
Row 37: *SSK, k7* to end of round
Row 38: *SSK, k6* to end of round
Row 39: *SSK, k5* to end of round
Row 40: *SSK, k4* to end of round
Row 41: *SSK, k3* to end of round

At this point, you'll hardly be able to knit anymore on the circular, it's about as tight as it gets. Cut about a 10" tail, and run the end through the remaining live stitches using a yarn needle. Pull tightly. Tuck in the other end, hand wash, air dry and wear.

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