The GifAnimation Thrift Shop Welcomes You, Yes You.

The collection I made for: WORD Tv

PsychoBoy's lovely gift to me, multiplied: Pentagram

My homunculi: male #1 & female #2

No slippery pad is without these: Lavalamps

Here's the first one, a little twirly thing: Star

A honeybee pollinating a rose, inspired by my friend Valor: Rose and Bee

Donated by Rod, a naked baby with excellent balance: Swing

Hey you, it's that simple: Hey You!

A hyperactive surrealist bug: Bug

A curling and uncurling arrow: Arrow

An ongoing and interesting one: The Conversation

The extraordinary Larry Auerbach found these in the shed, wrapped in a newspaper
dated September 16, 1907: Brushwush, Check Your Pulse, Red Alarm

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